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Why should you use MasterOrder?

MasterOrder is the only platform that enables you to independently digitize your complete menu, including special lunches/seasonal offers, in multiple languages! You avoid producing unnecessary waste by using digital instead of disposable menus. Furthermore, Masterorder simplifies the ordering process for locals and foreign-language guests.

Attract new guests with better reach

Benefit from global advertising for your company! Users of MasterOrder become aware of your business when using the app and are more likely to come by to get to know it.

How to digitize your menu


You will get access to the web-based administration of the MasterOrder database. The user interface is easy to understand and can be operated intuitively on a computer, notebook or tablet.

Independent administration of data

First, create your business (e.g. restaurant name, opening hours, GPS coordinates), then add meals, lunch offers and drinks with pictures and descriptions and assign them to appropriate categories (e.g. breakfast, main course). The database is synchronized with the app: Every modification made in the database is immediately taken over in the app.

Support of the MasterOrder Team

The MasterOrder Team would be happy to take over the complete implementation of your menu into the database, if requested.

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